2017 Chinese plant extracts industry establish comprehensive industry international competitiveness

  • Author:Yolanda
  • Release on :2017-03-28
2017 Chinese plant extracts industry establish comprehensive industry international competitiveness

In recent years, plant extracts gradually become the lion's share of the growth of Chinese

medicine products export in our country, the heat rising, since 2015, exports accounted for

more than reached more than half of Chinese medicine products exports.Exports reached us

$2016 in the 2016 years ago in the third quarter, plant extracts, the United States, Japan,

South Korea ranked list the top three of the export market, including the United States

exports accounted for $314 million, up 2.6% from a year earlier.Compared with hot 2015

plant extracts industry export growth slowing, industry adjustment stage, companies began

to uniting the internal work, begin from quality, enhance the international competitiveness

of products.As extracts from domestic enterprise one of the best display platform

exhibition of world natural extract (NEX 2017) will be set sail once again, on June 20 to

22, 2017 in Shanghai new international expo center E3 - E4 and T1 pavilion extracts from

nearly 550 high quality suppliers, hand in hand create phytochemistry industry event.

Food USES extract product exports to rise

In the first half of 2016, stevia extracts were crowned in exports and export.As a low

quantity of heat, high sweetness of natural sweeteners, stevia extract not only have great

demand in the domestic market, at the same time the European Union, the United States, has

allowed its application in food, is promising.As the main enterprise of domestic exports

stevia extract: guilin lane, hunan HuaCheng, zhucheng partnership will be in the 2017 world

exhibition (NEX 2017) appeared in a natural extract, power plant extracts enterprises in

health care products and the development of food industry.

Phytochemistry industry new trend: China establishing standards for international business

Phytochemistry industry trends for now main boils down to is: 1, tighter policy;2, increasingly fierce competition.In the past year, no matter from the traditional Chinese medicine extract filing management, or the food safety law implementing regulations (revised draft draft), all of the application of plant extracts in the drug or food in the specification.The international market is a land of phytochemistry enterprises will compete.Industry, leading enterprises to actively safeguard the order of the industry, industry from the net.At the same time, as the NEX China exhibition of China hosted and double identity of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry association, China pharmaceutical and health products import and export chamber of commerce (hereinafter referred to as China healthcare chamber of commerce actively lead the extracts from leading domestic enterprises to actively participate in the establishment of plant extracts international business standards, has completed two batches of standards, the third batch of standard in the works, in the domestic and international are a lot of attention.Healthcare chamber of commerce in China this year is more active docking with the government, together with the food and drug verification research institute of China screening the ginseng, giant knotweed, ginkgo biloba plant extracts, such as international business standards, apply to be a national food standards.Also combined the national sanitation foundation (NSF) launched the "supplier" quality plant extracts certification (GEP) authentication, the authentication meet the requirements of the food safety modernization act in the United States, more add on factory audit certification authentication, integrity evaluation of plant extracts companies in the United States and the world market brand and image.At the same time, China's health care and UBM European chamber of commerce and hear exhibition consulting co., LTD. Play CPhI & NEX series exhibition platform for the powerful role around the world, with the aid of the internationalization of the exhibition platform for global buyers is recommended by the quality of the GEP certification enterprises, and reshape the image of "made in China" brand.NEX China 2016 expo on end of June, from 119 countries attracted a total of 10944 overseas viewers, this exhibition has become China's plant extracts enterprise develop the international market one of the important marketing channel.