2017 Top10 of US Patent Expired Drugs

  • Author:Jane
  • Source:yaozh
  • Release on :2017-03-09

In 2017, many drugs will lose patent protection, integrated market intelligence agencies, public securities filing documents, FDA information records, court documents and other resources, this article screened 10 this year will be patented drugs in the United States, the 10 drugs are For large pharmaceutical companies that have been listed for many years, these drugs have yielded considerable benefits for companies that own them. These 10 drugs last year in the United States total sales of more than 100 billion dollars, the treatment area covers multiple sclerosis, HIV, erectile dysfunction, cancer and other indications.

For the brand of drugs, the patent expires means that the advent of generic drugs, indicates that the brand of drug sales will decline, or even decline in the cliff, which is undoubtedly a blow for pharmaceutical companies, especially those heavy bombs drug. In order to compensate for the loss of sales of branded drugs, some pharmaceutical companies have also taken some measures, including trying to extend the patent period of branded drugs, upgrading products, adding new growth points, and even reducing costs through layoffs.