A real interest could be cultivated only when you try to go deep down

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Source:www.oceanchinachem
  • Release on :2016-04-12

Willpower is only a myth

When a long-standing thing is needed to carry on in front of us, we always like to talk about the importance of willpower, as if we’re strong enough to stick in the end. And if we didn’t make it, it must be the reason of our willpower. But I never believed in this myth of willpower. In my opinion, willpower is very unreliable, the more you emphasize it, the more dependent on it, and the more chances to drop out will be. Because willpower has its limitation, like a rope is already tightened, if you try harder, it will break up at any time.


Love because of efforts

There are three methods to change this situation:


Firstly: Give up the idea with interest.

Do not  take interest as a prerequisite when you start trying.


Secondly:  Improve your depth of immersion.

Devoting yourself to what you’re doing, with warm emotion and good psychological experience to stimulate interest, not your rational thinking.


Lastly: Increased interaction

Changing your one-way flow of information for the interpretation into two-way information, or change the pure knowledge acquisition into practice skills.



Turn passive things into active

If the process of studying the constraints everywhere, too restrictive, so even if at first a great time, this passion may be slowly worn away, and if they display their room for maneuver is relatively large, such as to control the direction and progress on their own, then even began dull, after interest might grow out a little bit.


Modern psychology has a famous theory called "self-determinism" that people have three basic psychological needs, namely the need for autonomy , requires the need for competence and relatedness, if these needs are met, then people will be more active, positive and happy to work and study. Where autonomy is critical, the stronger the autonomy, the more it can stimulate interest.

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