About Itaconic Acid

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-08-05

Scientific name for Itaconic Acid unsaturated binary organic acid. Containing unsaturated double bond, it has the active chemical properties, can be carried out between its aggregation, can also with other monomers such as acrylonitrile polymerization, soluble in water, ethanol and other solvents; Can do all kinds of addition reaction, esterification and polymerization, was the important raw material for chemical synthesis industry, is also the important raw materials in chemical production. Itaconic acid, itaconic acid), CH2 = C (-cooh) group CH2COOH, by filamentous fungi, especially the growth in the plum juice decomposition aconitic acid on the surface of the aspergillus (Aspergill - us itaconicus) a large number of generation, is formed by shun aconitic acid decarboxylation.

 1. Made from itaconic acid esters can be used in the paint, the weak acidic ion exchange resin, lubricating oil additives, binder and plasticizer, plastic and powder pressure sealant.

2. Itaconic acid used for other derivative reagent can be used as medicine, cosmetics, lubricants, thickening agent, herbicide and improving silk hair I performance.

     Itaconic acid molecule contains two lively carboxyl and a double bond, carboxyl and double bond in conjugate relation, make the nature of itaconic acid is very lively, except to its polymerization, with different number of other monomer polymerization, polymerization of polymer formation, therefore widely used in the industries of chemical synthesis.

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