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  • Release on :2016-04-18

 [ Adverse Reaction ]

 1. An allergic reaction: I have the symptom such as skin rashes, itching, if appear afore-mentioned symptoms, please stop drug use.

 2. Blood system: I had anemia, leukopenia, acidophilic symptom such as the ball more, thrombocytopenia symptoms occur very rarely

 3. The digestive system: the occasional constipation, diarrhea, thirsty, abdominal distension and other symptoms. I have GOT, GPT, ALP, LDH, gamma GTP rise made wait for a phenomenon, so must careful observation, if there is any abnormal phenomenon should be taken to stop drugs such as proper disposal.

 4. The spirit of nervous system: I have a headache, sleepiness, and other symptoms. The symptom such as insomnia, dizziness occur very rarely.

 5. Urogenital system: can appear frequency, proteinuria, Yang fistula, etc.

 6. Other: I have a fever, total cholesterol, uric acid increased and other symptoms.


 (1) the treatment should be paid attention to during the process of observation, insufficient experience of long-term use, not recommended for maintenance treatment.

 (2) when taking this product, please don't chew, should water swallow them whole.

 (3) liver function disorder and neuropsychology, must be careful.

 (4) the use of this product can sometimes mask the symptoms of cancer of the stomach, so to exclude cancer of the stomach in the basis of above can give medicine.


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