Always be Prepared

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-03-31

A wolf lying on the grass and grinding his teeth diligently. When the fox saw, he said to him: "The weather is so nice, we are having rest and entertainment, you can join our team now!" The wolf did not speak, continue to grind his teeth, let them become sharp and keen. Fox surprised and asked: " The forest is so quiet, hunters and hounds have gone home, the tiger is not hovering in the vicinity, and there is no danger, so why should you do this?" Wolf stopped replied: "I grind my teeth not for entertainment, you think, if one day I was chasing by the hunter or the tiger, if I want to grind at that time is too late. So I prepare for it at ordinary time to protect myself. "

Work should take precautions and be prepared, so that when danger is suddenly upon us, they are not confused.  It is when you are using what you have learned from books that you wish you had read more. Some people complain that there is no chance, however, when opportunities for advancement comes, then sigh themselves usually do not accumulate enough knowledge and ability, so incompetent, the only regret.

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