Application of Propylene Carbonate

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  • Release on :2016-05-20

Propylene carbonate is used as a polar, aprotic solvent.It has a high molecular dipole moment (4.9 D), considerably higher than those of acetone (2.91 D) and ethyl acetate (1.78 D). It is possible, for example, to obtain potassium,sodium, and other alkali metals by electrolysis of their chlorides and other salts dissolved in propylene carbonate.

Due to its high dielectric constant of 64, it is frequently used as a high-permittivity component of electrolytes in lithium batteries, usually together with a low-viscosity solvent (e.g. dimethoxyethane). Its high polarity allows it to create an effective solvation shell around lithium ions, thereby creating a conductive electrolyte. However, it is not used inlithium-ion batteries due to its destructive effect on graphite.

Propylene carbonate can also be found in some adhesives, paint strippers, and in cosmetics.[8] It is also used asplasticizer. Propylene carbonate is also used as a solvent for removal of CO2 from natural gas and synthesis gas where H2S is not also present. This use was developed by El Paso Natural Gas Company and Fluor Corporation in the 1950s.

Propylene carbonate product may be converted to other carbonate esters by transesterification as well (see Carbonate ester#Carbonate transesterification).

In electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, propylene carbonate is doped into low surface tension solutions to increase analyte charging.

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