Applications of Thiophanate-Methyl

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-08-02

Applications of Thiophanate-Methyl


(1) Prevention and control of wheat and barley diseases. Of wheat and barley smut, active ingredients with mildothane 100 grams, add water 4 kilograms, with 100 kilograms of wheat seeds, then boring kind of 6 hours, or active ingredients with mildothane 156 grams, 156 kg of water, soaking seeds with 100 kilograms, 36 to 48 hours. Beginning of wheat and barley 3, flowering plants, 5 ~ 7 days after spraying the second medicine. Every time every 667 meters z with methyl taub chamber active ingredients 37.5 ~ 50 grams of spray.


(2) Rice disease prevention and control. Prevention and control of rice blast and sheath blight of rice, in the early onset or young ear forming stage to booting stage, z mother time every 667 meters with active ingredients mildothane 70 grams, about 50 kilograms of water spray, spray again after 1 week.


(3) Prevention and control of rape sclerotium disease. In full bloom of rape, 2 per 667 meters each use mildothane active ingredients - 62.5 grams, 50 to 50 ~ 80 litres of water spray, spraying every 7 to 10 days again.


(4) The cotton diseases. Active ingredients per 100 kilograms of seeds to use 500 grams of the seed, to control cotton seedling diseases.


(5) Sweet potato diseases. With 400 ~ 800 times 800 times liquid seed potato liquid immersion potato seedlings base 10 minutes, can control the seedbed and harm in a big 183 black rot, respectively.


(6) Sugar beet leaf spot. Disease ChengFa before, every 667 meters: with active ingredients mildothane 37.5 ~ 62.5 grams, about 50 ~ 80 litres of water spray. Spray interval of 10 ~ 14 days again.


(7) Vegetable diseases. Prevention and control of melon powdery mildew, anthracnose, mould, bean mould, pea powdery mildew, leaf spot, with active ingredients mildothane 17.5 ~ 23.5 grams, about 50-80 liters of water spray. Spraying 3 ~ 6 times, interval of 7 ~ 10 days.


(8) Flowers disease. Mildothane of dahlia flowers rot, Chinese rose leaf spot, hitom resistant, clivia leaf spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew and rot stem have certain control effect. In general every 667 m 2 times with mildothane points 41.7-41.7 grams, to 50 ~ 80 litres of water spray, spray once every 10 days at a time 3 ~ 5 times.


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