Brief Instructions of Ioversol

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-06-06

Brief Instructions of Ioversol:

1.Excessive injection should be symptomatic treatment immediately. Ioversol is not combined with plasma, thus dialysis can be cleared.

2.This product has frozen or crystallization occurs can’t be used.

3. If using corticosteroids as preventive medicine, contrast agents and corticosteroids for chemical compatibility taboo, therefore, cannot be used mixed in a syringe.

4. The goods of nonionic contrast agent, inhibit blood clotting than ionic is weak, the action of but in angiography, the operation steps, length of time, injection time, catheters and syringes material still should be pay attention to, shortening the time of blood contact with syringes and catheters, as far as possible to prevent the possibility of blood coagulation.

     5. keep patient enough moisture before imaging.

     6. When the weather is heavier side effects, in addition to the symptomatic treatment, and to give allergy medicines, adrenaline, oxygen, and so on. Bronchospasm cause difficulty in breathing occurs can give endotracheal intubation. At ordinary times should emergency department agreed that in case of situation at any time to participate in the rescue. In high-risk patients, prevention of drug use (dexamethasone) is also helpful.

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