Can save itself

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-12

A person in the shelter under the eaves, Kuan Yin is to see through umbrella. The man said: "The Goddess of Mercy, Purdue creatures like you, take me for some how?" Yin said: "I am the rain, you no rain, you do not need my degree." The man immediately jumped out , standing in the rain: "Now I am also the rain, and the degree of me?" Yin said: "You in the rain, I am also the rain, I will not be poured, because there are umbrella; you are the rain, because No umbrella. why is not my own degrees, but my umbrella degrees. you want, the do not have to look for me, please umbrella brought to! "he will go. The next day, this person has encountered difficult for it to Kuan Yin temple. Entering the temple, it was found before as the Kuan Yin is also a person in worship, that the same individual look and Guanyin, no less. The man asked: "You are Guanyin it?" The man replied: "I is Guanyin." The man asked: "Why do you worship their own?" Guanyin laughed: "I have encountered a difficult, but I know "

Tip: the mentality of those who are successful can be found everywhere the power of success.

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