Casein Uses

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-08-15

     Acid casein is mainly used for coating the makings, wood, paper and adhesive of cloth, used for food additive, etc. As a basic material accounted for about half of the total consumption of paint, with excellent resistance to water, the pigment can be well dispersed, improve the uniformity of coating. In addition, because of good liquidity, easy construction, crude protein rennet mainly used in the manufacture of plastic button. Casein button compared with other resin buttons, stain resistance, processability, colour and lustre bright-coloured are good, quality centered in the button quality. Casein mixing with lime hydrate, sodium fluoride, copper sulfate, match again get casein glue into the kerosene, aviation industry is the use of a cement and wood processing department. Casein is also used in medicine and biochemical reagents.


   Casein in the food industry is mainly used as solid food nutrition fortifier, at the same time and for the food processing in the process of thickening and emulsifying stabilizer, sometimes also can be used as adhesives, fillers and carrier. Casein is especially suitable for cheese, ice cream in the food (0.3% ~ 0.3%), meat products (such as ham, sausage, dosage of 1% ~ 3%) and aquatic meat products; With 5% addition to strengthen the protein in bread and cookies; Dosage of 3% in the mayonnaise. Because casein is the most perfect protein, it can also cooperate with grains, made a high-protein grain products, old food, baby food and diabetes, etc.

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