Character of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-16

          Bluestone is a natural Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate, is five water copper sulfate (CuSO ₄ · 5 h ₂ O) commonly known as, in order to distinguish with the anhydrous cupric sulfate, usually read "five copper sulfate hydrate", relative molecular mass of 250, is a kind of widespread sulfate minerals. It is a copper sulphide is broken down by oxygen after the formation of the secondary minerals.


Bluestone native copper deposits of the oxidation zone, also often appear in mine roadway wall and pillars, which is composed of the mine water of crystallization.

Bluestone crystal into tabular or short columnar, these crystals set together in granular, block, fibrous, stalactite shape, crusty, etc. They have the beautiful blue, but if exposure to dry air due to the loss of water and become opaque green white powder. At the same time, bluestone easily soluble in water.Bluestone is pigment, batteries, pesticides, chemical raw materials wood preservation, etc.


Source of natural or artificial aqueous copper sulfate crystals. For irregular lump crystal shape, size is differ, dark blue or light blue translucent. Dew in dry air, slowly weathering. Heated up, the loss of water of crystallization become white, the water is blue. Very brittle, fragile, soluble in water. Odourless, taste bitter, astringent. Sexual taste sour, bitter, cold. Poisonous. Function of the attending Functions of phlegm and stagnant, insecticidal activities. For wind hot phlegm saliva choking, epilepsy; External use to treat canker sore, red eye and bad ulcers swollen poison. Usage and dosage 1 ~ 2 minutes, more than the pill, powder. External use right amount, grind powder or soaked wash the sore.


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