Characters of Sodium Bromide

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-25

Sodium bromide is white crystal or powder. Salty or microstrip bitterness. Absorb moisture from the air agglomerate but not deliquescence. Soluble in water. Low toxicity, stimulating. Used in the determination of trace cadmium in analytical chemistry, photoengraving, pharmaceutical. Physical and chemical properties Colorless cubic crystal or white granular powder. Odourless and alkali and slightly bitter taste. The relative density of 3.203 (25 ℃). Melting point is 747 ℃. It has hygroscopic property in air. Soluble in water (100 ℃ when the solubility of 121 g / 100 ml water, aqueous solution is neutral. Slightly soluble in alcohol. 51 ℃ when anhydrous sodium bromide solution crystal, 51 ℃ lower than the dihydrate is generated. Its bromide ions can be replaced by chlorine.


Physical Properties

Sodium bromide chemical formula NaBr, the molecular weight of 102.89, the density of 3.203 g/cm (25 ° C), relative density 3.203, the refractive index of 1.3614, is a colorless cubic crystal or white granular powder. No smell, taste salty and bitter. Its melting point 747 ℃, boiling point of 1390 ° C. Soluble in water, and neutral aqueous solution. Slightly soluble in alcohol. Sodium bromide in 100 grams of water solubility is: 0 ° C 79.5 g / 100 gh ₂ O, 20 ° C at 90.3 g / 100 h ₂ O, 100 ° C, 121 g / 100 gh ₂ O.


Chemical Properties

Under acid condition, can be oxygen oxidation, free bromine. Can react with silver ions to generate light yellow solid silver bromide, generate hydrogen bromide, reaction with dilute sulphuric acid can react with sulfuric acid to generate bromine. Can also be chlorine replacement out of bromine elemental, this is one of the process of seawater lift bromide.