Characters of Sodium Carboxyl Methylstarch

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-27

Usually use is Sodium Carboxyl Methylstarch as sodium salt, also known as (CMS - Na) shape: white or yellow powder, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic, hot easy absorption of moisture. Soluble in water to form colloidal solution, optical and thermal stability. Not soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and other organic solvents. The goods in alkaline aqueous solution, the more stable in acid is poorer, generate free acid insoluble in water, lower viscosity, therefore does not apply to strongly acidic food. Aqueous solution at 80 ℃ or more long time heating, the viscosity reduced. The goods with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) has similar performance, with a thickening, suspension, dispersion, emulsification, adhesive, water, protective colloid, and other performance. Can be used as emulsifier, thickener, dispersing agent, stabilizing agent, sizing agent, film former, water retention agent, etc., are widely used in petroleum, textile, daily chemical, tobacco, paper, building, food, medicine and other industrial departments, is known as the "industrial monosodium glutamate". CMC is alternative products. In some areas can replace pva. Aqueous solution and the CMC is different is that the goods will be airborne bacteria part decomposition (generating alpha amylase) liquefiable, lower the viscosity. So the preparation of aqueous solution is not easy to long time storage, not easy for ketchup, etc. Dissolved method: according to the required concentration, in proportion to join the goods fully mixing can be completely dissolved in the water. Or use a small amount of ethanol wetting first, then water dissolving effect is better.

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