China-Central and Eastern Europe industry Forum Health Minister health boosts CPhI and P-MEC China I

The second session of the Central and Eastern European national China Minister of health-health industry Forum sub-forum, China pharmaceutical World Summit, businessmen and organized by the China medicine and health products import and export Chamber of Commerce, as the second session of the Forum and China Eastern European Health-Central a special subforum for the pharmaceutical industry will be held in Shanghai on June 20 , 2016, before the CPhI and P-MEC China show, and will take place the opening of the exhibition CPhI & P-MEC China in Central and Eastern Europe.

pharmaceutical raw materials 16 China World Exposition, the world\'s pharmaceutical machinery 11, packaging equipment and materials exhibition of China (CPhI and P-MEC China) as the main pharmaceutical exhibition Asia\'s flagship, 16 years to help Chinese enterprises to build a global pharmaceutical trade, cooperation platform. Over the years, many outstanding companies through exposure to go abroad to expand in international markets, at the same time, many outstanding foreign projects, products, companies also were introduced to China. 2016 CPhI and P-MEC China exhibition Focus on new economic zone of silk road along the theme of \"Central and Eastern Europe\" as the theme of a series of activities to promote China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of medicine and health exchanges and pragmatic cooperation of pharmaceutical companies. In the exhibition the organizers of meticulous organization and planning, the day before the exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe countries will be 16 representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs, met to explore opportunities for cooperation. 21, the health ministers of 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and representatives of companies visiting the CPhI and P-MEC China exhibition site visit, but also on the website of the exhibition to hold China-Central and Eastern Europe matchmaker of trade negotiations for more Chinese companies and Central and Eastern Europe pharmaceutical companies to provide the best opportunities for commercial cooperation. CPHI, P-MEC China goes all out with the Central and Eastern European countries from 16 countries of the chorus of Economics of medicine.

Highlights the activity 1:
The second China-Central and Eastern Europe countries, Minister of health-health industry Forum Subforum
And China 7 and the pharmaceutical world entrepreneurs
Time: 20 June 2016 13:30-18:30 venue: Shanghai International Convention Center
Participants: representatives of pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe, representatives of Chinese pharmaceutical companies
Meeting size: limited to 200 people
Medical savings \"Thirteen five\" ● forward speakers: South Director pharmaceutical Institute economics Lin Jianning
China-EU cooperation ● the status quo and analysis of speech development speaker: China medical and health products import and export Chamber of Commerce Xu Ming, Vice President
● Introduction to the pharmaceutical market in Central and Eastern Europe speakers: representatives of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
● Business Exchange reception: free exchange with representatives of 16 Chinese entrepreneurs of pharmacists
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Highlights the activity 2:
Top 100 companies in the selection of pharmaceutical products
To encourage innovation and improve the internationalization of pharmaceutical industry in China to lead the international recognition and influence. China import and export fair for medicines and health products will launch the China Top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China in March and announce the results on CPhI and P-MEC China. Premium pharmaceutical companies internationalization of China and out of the strategic benchmarks, companies will be in CPhI and P-MEC China exhibition on the major release of Central and Eastern Europe and other countries, as the focus of attention.
Four awards:
2015 international leader in the preparation of pharmaceutical products
2015 multinational pharmaceutical companies, partners and suppliers of quality
The best international R & D and innovative companies in 2015
The best pharmaceutical multinational companies investing in 2015
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Highlights the activity 3:
China-China-EU business negotiation Match
Time: 21 June 2016 venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most active regions in the global economy, and 11 of 16 Central and Eastern European countries are EU countries. In recent years, the strategy of \"area along the way\", with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry trade, investment, cooperation and closer. Enthusiasm of local companies for pharmaceutical trade and investment, refers about markets and Chinese products, recognition of R & D cooperation and technology transfer has provided many options for bilateral cooperation. On the afternoon of 21 June, the CPhI and P-MEC China exhibition will host a business matching Conference China-China-EU to provide face-to-face opportunities for companies of China-Central and Eastern Europe to conduct trade and cooperation.
Activity log: 010-58036296.58036315

About CPhI and P-MEC China showroom:
16 years of China of the CPhI and P-MEC China exhibition has continued to extend to the chain of upstream and downstream industry, not only to create industry trading platform API greater authority, led to a number of API for the world and look at the development of the industry, constantly (CPHI), pharmaceutical contract customization service (ICSE) , biopharmaceutical and technology (BioPh), Natural extract (NEX), pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical products, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, machinery, packaging equipment (pmec), pharmaceutical, packaging materials (InnoPack), biochemists, analytical instruments and lab equipment (LABWorld), pharmaceutical, environmental protection and clean technology (EP & clean technology), pharmaceutical logistics (P-Logi), the pharmaceutical industry throughout the entire pharmaceutical industry international exhibition.
    In 2016, pharmaceutical raw materials 12 China World Exposition (CPhI China 2016), the 11th Expo in the world (World Health Organization China) was held by Shanghai Bohua exhibition & exhibition co., Ltd. China import and export fair for medicines and health products. (P-MEC China 2016) and the scale of total exposure will reach 160,000 square meters, attracting more than 2,800 companies at home and abroad to come to the exhibition, visitors will reach 65,000 people. 16 years, as the rapid development of China pharmaceutical industry witnesses and prosecutors, CPhI China\'s pharmaceutical industry and to bring together, common prosperity and harmony.
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Display range

Integrated exhibition √ pharmaceutical raw materials: pharmaceutical raw materials, antibiotics, alkaloids, amino acids, and so on.
OTC drugs, biopharmaceuticals, biological products, health care products, etc. | Preservatives, emulsifiers, solubilizers \\\/microcapsules, solvents, chemicals, medicines, Chinese proprietary Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine pieces, OTC medicines
√ Contract customization: personalized customization, testing, pre-clinical and clinical development process \\\/optimization, custom production, etc.
√ Flag Biopharmaceutical: \\\/Antigen protein \\\/peptide, enzyme, protein purification \\\/modification \\\/\\\/detection analysis, biological products, vaccines, antibodies, etc.
Area of Natural extract of: plant extract, extract from animals, health care of raw materials, raw materials such as Chinese medicine
√ intermediates and fine chemical exposure: intermediaries (General category), biocatalysts, Chiral intermediates, fine chemicals (General category), etc.