Clinical application of Gamma-Oryzan

Main effect of Gamma-Oryzan in diencephalon of plants with the secretion of central nervous system, so as to improve and adjust plant nerve function disorder, endocrine balance disorders and mental disorders and other symptoms. Commonly used in periodic mental disease, women menopause syndrome and menstrual precancerous catatonia, concussion sequela, vascular headache, plant nerve function disorder, and various kinds of neurosis, etc.

The study found that Gamma-Oryzan also has good curative effect for some other disease. 

Clinical application is as follows:

(1) To treat hyperlipidemia.

(2) The treatment of angina pectoris: 10 ~ 20 mg each time, 3 times a day, can obviously relieve symptoms.

(3) The treatment of chronic gastritis: 50 ~ 600 mg daily (300 mg), 2 ~ 4 weeks for a period of treatment, the results of 60.6% achieved significant effect. Also somebody USES large doses to treat food after abdominal distension, loose stools and belching, also obtained satisfactory results.

(4) In the treatment of peptic ulcer: take 50 to 200 mg, three times a day. After the trial of a set of 46 cases of patients, after 4 ~ 12 weeks after treatment, 34 cases obtained obvious effect, 9 patients symptoms improve.

(5) Can be used in beauty.

(6) The treatment of recurrent oral ulcer: 50 mg each time, 3 times daily oral, 3 ~ 6 days to heal, and to reduce the recurrence rate.

(7) Have the growth promoting effect: to treat the hypoplasia of ovarian function.

(8) To treat pediatric pica: oral three times a day, 10 milligrams at a time, take a week to be effective. It is believed that oryzanol can adjust the diencephalon and plant nerve function, thereby eliminating the pica.

(9) Often used to aid in the treatment of menopausal syndrome, is good for menopausal insomnia.

 (10) It’s known as the anti-arrhythmic effects. It can adjust plant nerve function, reduce myocardial excitability. Gamma-Oryzan lipid-lowering effect also can improve myocardial blood supply, improve sleep. Old friend easy to wake up at night, appropriate Gamma-Oryzan effect is better.

(11) Although Gamma-Oryzan in patients with insomnia, neurasthenia has certain regulation, but in patients with severe insomnia to little effect. So severe insomnia in clinical modulation, applied the method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine with oryzanol, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 pills and other comprehensive modulation, can achieve rapid, effective ideal curative effect. On the dosage, it is suggested that insomniacs can oral 2-3 pieces before sleeping every night, was gradually transition to the 2 slices every night after work maintenance dose.