Clotrimazole Mechanism of Action

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-24


Clotrimazole by interfering with the activity of cytochrome P - 450, thus inhibiting fungi ergosterol cholesterol biosynthesis, such as damage fungi and change the permeability of cell membrane, so that the important material leakage in the cell; Inhibits fungal triglycerides and phospholipids biosynthesis; Also inhibits oxidase and peroxidase activity, leading to hydrogen peroxide in the cell accumulation cells the microstructure degeneration and necrosis. Skin candidiasis caused by candida albicans and vulvovaginitis, from red, tinea versicolor bacterium, MAO MAO versicolor bacterium flocculent skin tinea caused by bacteria and dog microspore bacteria ringworm of the body, tinea, tinea and chaff marla fungus of tinea versicolor caused by color, also can be used in the treatment of paronychia, ringworm, tinea capitis.

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