Cross the Bridge

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-04-11

There is a treacherous canyon topography, at the bottom of the pentium the fast-flowing water, the bridge is a few root which bare cable between the cliffs.

A line of four people came to the bridge, a blind, deaf, and the two normal people. Four people one by one, seize the iron chain and go ahead in the air.

Whats the result? The blind, the deaf across the bridge, a normal people who is across the bridge, the other is down the deep died.

Is that means the normal one who is not as good as the blind and the deaf?

Yes! His weakness is due to he can hear and see well.

The blind man said, "cause I can see nothing , don't know how dangerous the mountain is, so I climbing calmly."

Deaf people said, "my ears can't hear anything, including the roaring shout under my feet, fear less a lot."

The man across the bridge of the normal people said: "I crossed my bridge, no matter how high the mountain it is to be, no matter how the rushing river roaring, just pay attention to stable of each step ."

Truth: To face the surrounding environment actively, not to intimidate by bluffing, you know, the most are paper tigers, only have a heart to face and proactive to rule out a bluff to intimidate you.

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