D-Xylose Application Field

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-13

1. No caloric sweeteners. Use in patients with obesity and diabetes. Also used for fat oxidation prevent dose, caramel, the raw materials and through maillard reaction preparation of pork and other spices. 

2. Xylose on human intestinal bifidobacterium has high proliferation effect, consumption of xylose can improve the microbial environment of human body. Improve the body's immune ability. Xylose and food has a good compatibility, add a small amount of xylose, can reflect good health care effect. Xylose and calcium intake, at the same time can improve the body of calcium absorption and retention rate, can also prevent constipation.


3. Used for producing xylitol.


4. Because of its flavor effect significantly, can be used for spices and pet food industries


5. Due to its can cause maillard reaction efficiently, thus can be used in the production of food flavoring.


6. Due to its obvious effects of color, can be used in the food industry golden brown color, such as bread and butter of color.


7. Pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.


8. Applicable to the preparation of flavoring.


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