Deliberately Do Something You Are Not Willing To

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Source:www.oceanchinachem
  • Release on :2016-04-01

Break yourself away from comfort zone

This is a favorable line we all like to hear about in the mental level, which seemingly indicate a motivate and self-challenging us in front of others. While usually this concept was left behind when it comes to our executive level, because people naturally prefer to stay in a comfort zone.

So here comes the question: Why should we deliberately keep an eye on ourselves away from the comfort zone when we have abilities to make ourselves feel better? To make our life cosier ought to be a lifelong goal we pursuit, why should we ask for it?



Keeping yourself out of comfort zone brings long-term value, maybe it seems worthless even brings pain in a short time. It is precisely most people lost their opportunities of long-term-value because they couldn't put up with the short-term-suffering.

This is rather interesting we you think about it deeper. I conclude 3 experiences from my career at Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,. Ltd, which is an inspiring enterprise makes my world righted.


My Inspirations

1.Painful is temporary during the process.

2.Away from comfort zone on your own is adding up the possibility of changing.

3.It activate your potential when you starting to change initiatively.


I hope everyone of us could summon your courage to jump out your comfort zone, set sail to the unknown ocean, you'll find a brand-new world of yourself. 

When you are going through hell, suck it up!