Different Characters of Textured Soy Protein

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-26

A. Hydratable

Textured Soy Protein isolated along the skeleton of the chain, it contains a lot of polarity, so has the absorbent, water retention, and swelling, protein isolated absorbent than protein concentrate much better, and almost not influenced by temperature, protein isolated in the ability of processing and keep moisture, the highest water retention capacity of 14 g/g protein.

B. Oil absorption

Separation of proteins in meat products, and can prevent fat emulsion formed and gel matrix, moving to the surface and thus plays a promoting fat absorption or the combination of fat, can reduce the loss of fat in processed meat products and juice, help maintain the stability of appearance, protein isolated oil absorption rate of 154%.

C. Gel

It makes the separation of proteins with high viscosity, plasticity and elasticity, as well as water carrier, also can be used as flavor agent, sugar and the carrier of other complexes, it is highly advantageous for food processing.

D. Foam

Foaming properties of soy protein, soybean protein isolate, best use of soybean protein foam, can give the food to loose structure and good taste.


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