Different Usages of Sodium Molybdate

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-17


Sodium Molybdate low toxicity, low degree of pollution to the environment pollution, the more is the application of new type water treatment agent. In order to obtain good corrosion effect, molybdate with poly phosphate, glucose acid salt, zinc salt, benzene and three azole nitrogen compound with use, this not only can reduce the use amount of molybdate, but also can improve the effect of corrosion, the dosage of the compound with molybdate after dropped from 200 ~ 500 mg/L to 4 ~ 6 mg/L. Molybdate film forming process, the dissolved oxygen must exist, without calcium ions (or other divalent metal ions). Molybdate high thermal stability, can be used in the circulating water system of high heat flow density and local overheating.


Security: sodium molybdate is toxic, but belongs to the low toxicity of compound. Molybdenum poisoning can cause joint pain, resulting in low blood pressure and blood pressure fluctuations, nerve disorders, metabolic process problems. Soluble molybdenum compound aerosol maximum allowable concentration of 2 mg/m, dust of 4 mg/m. Contact and the use of sodium molybdate, want to wear protective gear. Pay attention to moistureproof. Transport in the rain, the sun.


USES: used in the manufacture of alkaloids, printing ink, chemical fertilizer, molybdenum red pigment and fast pigment precipitation agent, catalyst, molybdenum salt, can also be used in the manufacture of flame retardants and pollution-free metal inhibitor type water cooling system, also used as zinc plating, polishing agent and chemical reagents.


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