Effective Bleaching Agent of Sodium Chlorite

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-06-27

Sodium Chlorite, white or slightly yellow-green powder or granules, crystals, easily dissolved in water, contact with organic matter can cause an explosion. It is a highly effective oxidant and high quality bleach, bleach fine equivalent to seven times to 2 times, and bleach. Slightly hygroscopic, stable at room temperature. An acidic aqueous solution by the impact of the explosive decomposition of light, the greater the acidity, the faster the rate of decomposition, releasing chlorine dioxide (or oxygen and chlorine) decomposition.


This is a highly effective oxidant bleach. Mainly used for cotton, linen, paper pulp bleaching, disinfection of food, water treatment, sterilization and manufacturing Yuyao. Theory of sodium chlorite chlorine content of 157%, with a purity of more than 80% of its industrial chlorine content is also up to 130%. Sodium chlorite is mainly used for pulp, paper and a variety of fibers such as linen, ramie, cotton, reed class, viscose fibers and the like bleach. Because having a redox potential of medium characteristics, for synthetic fibers, natural fibers and man-made fibers (bleaching, it can not only remove impurities pigment nor damage the fibers, thereby obtaining higher quality finished bleach


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