Food Applications of Titanium Dioxide

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-07-04


  The U.S. food and drug administration regulations titanium dioxide can be used as a food all white, the highest usage for the 1 g/kg (Sec. 73.575 the titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide pigment additive can be safely used in general food coloring, obey the following provisions:


   (1) The amount of titanium dioxide does not exceed 1% by weight of the food.

   (2) In accordance with the laws of the special standard, announced by the coloring food may not be used, unless there is a similar standard allows you to add pigment.

  (3) For coloring food, edible pigment additive titanium dioxide can contain appropriate thinner, pigment as safe additive, as follows: silicon dioxide, as dispersion agent, content of less than 2%.

   Product adaptation: cool fruit, jelly, Fried food, cocoa products, chocolate, chocolate products, hard candy, polishing candy, gum base, puffed food, candy, chocolate, candy products coating, mayonnaise, salad sauce, jam, solid beverage, konjac gel food, etc.

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