Functions of Lincomycin Hydrochloride?

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-06-12

Lincomycin hydrochloride is a narrow-spectrum antibiotics, role similar to erythromycin, have a good effect on gram-positive coccus, particularly of anaerobic bacteria, s. aureus bacteria and pneumococcus is efficient. The mechanism of action and erythromycin, bacteriostatic agent. Mainly inhibit the synthesis of bacterial cell protein, mainly used for clinical infections caused by sensitive bacteria, such as pneumonia, meningitis, endocarditis, cellulitis, tonsillitis, erysipelas, furuncle and urinary tract infections, etc. Because this product can enter in the bone tissue, and bone has a special affinity, is particularly applicable to anaerobic bacteria infections caused by bacteria and s. aureus osteomyelitis.

Dosage and Usage

Oral, adult 0.5 g/time, 3 ~ 4 times/day. Children 30 ~ 60 mg/kg, mg a day 3 ~ 4 times, 2 hours to take it before or after meal. Intramuscular injection or static, the adult of 0.6 g/times, 2 ~ 3 times/day. Children 10 mg ~ 20 mg/kg per day, 2 times.


The pharmaceutical industry for the production of chloroform, styrene sulfone and benzaldehyde. Rubber industry as a coagulant. Cotton dyeing industry as a bleaching agent after dechlorination, cotton scouring additives. Leather tanning industry for leather processing, make leather soft, plump, tough, waterproof, bending, wear-resistant properties. The chemical industry for the production of hydroxyl vanillin, hydroxylamine hydrochloride. Photographic industry as a developer and the like.