How To Invest Yourself Better

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Source:www.oceanchinachem
  • Release on :2016-04-13

This article teaches you how to invest yourself and you’ll be rewarded in the future. What you start to do determines whether you could become a better self in the future, a better creator, a better developer, a better businessman, even a better life.


There are 4 steps I summarized from my daily work life at Hubei Ocean Biotech Co., Ltd, this method is also a frame we need to obey when other people search advice from me.


Now this is what you need:

Ø  A notebook or an APP to take notes

Ø  An APP to make spreadsheets

Ø  A browser to search

Ø  A calendar or APP calendar


Step1: Make a list of 100 things you want to do

Write down the goals you want to achieve, whatever it is. Then divide them into categories:

l  Things you need to learn some skills to solve

l  Things you can do it right now

l  Things you need time to accomplish


You must follow the list of columns in the next two weeks. Additions, deletions, analysis. When you begin to hate it, you begin to love it. Get used to it slowly, if it really reflects what kind of person you want to be, which life you want to have, stick to your dreams.


Step 2: Make a skill form

This is a form records how you improve yourself and accumulate experiences. If you want to complete the list of 100 things to do in your life, then you need to upgrade themselves. You have to write down your disadvantages or the skills you are not good enough be realistic, do not lie to yourself.


Step3: Act Now

Now complete several things on your list, you will feel great and can motivate you to do the next thing on the list. In the category of "Do it now", there is nothing can stop you if you really can do it right now, but some people just never do.

Set a deadline after you come out the things you could do right now, add them to your calendar, and then start doing it. You can remove them after completed, and then add new items to different catagories.


Step4: Things you need time to accomplish

Select those things worth to take your time, If you don’t do these things on the list, you will regret the things you haven’t done instead of what you did when you get old. Because those are the things you could have complete, you just choose to waste your time on the TV or computer games.


When you want to make something, the best way is to stop wondering. Treat it like a work you depend on it for your life, and focus on yourself to it. You may curse this darn boss push you to do this hard work, but in fact, this so-called boss is yourself. And you will be rewarded by yourself in the end.