Identification of Ethyl Maltol

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-08-05

Ethyl maltol is a safe, non-toxic, wide use, good effect, less dosage of ideal food additive, tobacco, food, drinks, essence, fruit wine, daily cosmetics, etc. The fragrance of good synergistic agent, the significant effect on the improvement and enhancement the aroma of food plays a sweetener for sweets, and can prolong the shelf life of food.


Tasting Method

The taste of ethyl maltol for micro bitter, spicy, send acerbity feeling. Fake ethyl maltol taste sweeter.

 Heating Identification Method

Put a small amount of ethyl maltol in foil (the inside of the cigarette tin foil paper can also be) on heating with alcohol lamp or lighter, ethyl maltol heated after melting, continue to heat, melt after ethyl maltol will completely evaporate, don't leave any impurities. To counterfeit or not high purity ethyl maltol operation as above, will leave anxious burnt material on the foil paper.

 Dissolution Method

First observed in the cold water, the dissolution of ethyl maltol in purity of 99.2% ethyl maltol is difficult to dissolve at 1:55 (the solubility in water), and a floating state, not soon precipitation; Second, washed with hot water to form a transparent solution quickly. If in solution drip into the ferrous sulfate will soon turn red, according to the degree of red can distinguish its purity.

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