Indications of Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride.

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-08

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This time I will tell you the curative effects of Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride:

1. This product can be used as a selection of the following diseases with drugs:

(1) rickettsial disease, including epidemic typhus, endemic typhus and rocky mountain hot, tropical typhus and Q fever.

(2) the mycoplasma infection.

(3) the chlamydial infection, including psittacosis, venereal disease, lymphatic meat tooth is swollen, nonspecific urethritis, salpingitis, cervicitis and trachoma.

(4) relapsing fever.

(5) the undulant disease.

(6) cholera.

(7) tularemia.

(8) the plague.

(9) soft chancre. Treating undulant disease and plague with aminoglycoside joint application.

2. This product due to the common pathogenic bacteria drug resistance is serious, sensitive, this product only in pathogenic bacteria could be selected as drugs: this product is sensitive to the e. coli, gas enterbacteriaceae and wizard acinetobacter, shigella, haemophilus influenzae (limited to respiratory infections) and klebsiella species (limited to the respiratory tract and urinary tract infection), gram negative bacillus infection. This product should not be used for any type of staphylococcus and hemolytic streptococcus infection.

3. This product can be used for allergic to penicillin kind of tetanus, gas gangrene, elegant, syphilis, gonorrhea, leptospirosis and actinomycetes, listeria infection patients.

4. Can be used in patients with acute, severe acne in intestinal amebiasis and as an adjuvant therapy.