It is an important part of this new administration to crack down on illegal acts.

  • Author:Jane
  • Source:CFDA
  • Release on :2017-06-29

According to the "implementation of opinions", nine departments will strengthen the supply of raw materials, corporate inventories and market transactions, such as follow-up monitoring, comprehensive study of signs and problems, the price of drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials production and circulation enterprises close attention, When the cost of special investigation. Strengthen the drug and drug market regulation, according to the law to investigate and drive up prices and monopolies and other illegal acts, increase penalties, maintain market order.

Not only that, according to yesterday's document public information, "shortage of drugs monopoly drug price behavior guide" is also being developed - "the establishment of dishonesty business blacklist system, repeated investigation of repeated shortcomings of drugs and drug monopoly cases related The operator shall, in accordance with the law, formulate measures to prohibit its participation in the pharmaceutical industry, and strictly implement the system of honesty and integrity of pharmaceutical procurement.

In fact, in recent years, there have been reports that many shortages of drugs occur because the monopoly operators are driven by economic interests, "the price of selling", this phenomenon in the upstream production of raw materials more obvious.

In this regard, the State Health Supervision Commission Deputy Director Zeng Yixin yesterday also said at the new office, the shortage of drug causes complex, in addition to production factors, policy support is not perfect, public hospitals use enthusiasm is not high and other factors, the individual drug control raw materials , Hoard goods do not sell, driving up prices, resulting in tight market supply, speculative monopoly factors have also caused the current part of the current shortage of drugs.

▍130 short of drugs, 50 have been resolved

According to the information released yesterday, the information released by the Commission has shown that there are about 130 kinds of clinical shortage of drugs list, of which nearly 50 kinds of drugs within the list of shortages have been through fixed-point production, coordination of emergency production, strengthen supply and demand docking, improve the shortage Drug reserves, to combat illegal acts, improve the rare drug policy and other six response measures to solve.

The next step, the shortage of drug list management system will be formally implemented, the establishment of national and provincial shortage of drug list management system. According to the reasons for the shortage, the extent of the shortage, the scope of the impact of such a timely manner to start the national or provincial response mechanism, regularly publish relevant information to achieve the shortage of drug list dynamic management.

The general concern for the pricing of enterprises, the document gives a clear answer.

Shortages of the implementation of fixed-point production. Comprehensive selection of the necessary, the use of small or low transaction prices, lack of production and other factors, the selection of fixed-point production varieties, through government pricing, price negotiations, market matching and other ways to determine the unified purchase price to ensure a reasonable supply area, Production enterprises, direct hanging network procurement.

Wei Planning Commission yesterday announced the "implementation of opinions" in the interpretation of the reference, so that enterprises are not for the profit and development worries.

"The vast majority of short drugs are clinically necessary, the amount of small or low transaction price, corporate profits, lack of production power." Opinions "clearly put forward through fixed-point production, optimization of drug procurement mechanism to determine a reasonable purchase price, to promote rationalize market transactions Price formation mechanism to support the upgrading of technological transformation of enterprises, improve the shortage of drug reserves, etc., to give enterprises a reasonable profit to solve the problem of structural imbalance, stimulate market vitality and create a productive space.

In this regard, Zeng Yixin also revealed yesterday, "(cost is too low pressure) is a reason for the shortage of drugs, some media called 'tender dead', after winning the bid is 'winning', is the successful bidder, the pharmaceutical company also agreed , But after a period of time after the drug disappeared.We have to respect the laws of the market, can not let the enterprise long-term loss of supply, in which case the government needs to coordinate, experts to analyze the study, the supply of raw materials, Technology, production process analysis, put forward a more appropriate price in the basic reflection of the laws of the market under the premise of respect for the wishes of both sides, through the government coordination mechanism, so that the supply of drugs back to a more stable state.This is " Opinions "issued an important task is to proceed to solve this problem.