Main Use of Aluminum Hydroxide

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-19

Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum hydroxide), chemical formula of Al (OH) 3, is the Aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide both can reacts with an acid to form a salt and water and can react with strong base to form a salt and water, so also is a kind of amphoteric hydroxide. The chemical formula of Al (OH) 3, aluminum hydroxide. Is a kind of alkali, because obviously certain acid, so can call again aluminate (H3AlO3).

Aluminum hydroxide is dosage and application of the most widely largest inorganic flame retardant additives. Aluminum hydroxide as a flame retardants can not only, but also can prevent smoke, do not produce drip, do not produce poisonous gas, as a result, obtains the widespread application, use also increased year by year. Use scope: thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, paint and building materials industries. At the same time, the aluminum hydroxide is also necessary to electrolytic aluminium industry raw materials, the basis of aluminium fluoride in the industry by aluminum hydroxide is also very widely used.

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