Main Uses of Sodium Ceftiofur

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-11

       Sodium Ceftiofur is cefuroxime sodium one of special veterinary clinical antibiotics cephalosporin class for broad-spectrum antimicrobials. To gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria have strong antibacterial activity. By cephalosporins sodium Ceftiofur transcription peptidase and blocking glue peptide synthesis, to lack of bacterial cell walls and bactericidal action. Sodium Ceftiofur beta lactam ring of stable, not easily destroyed by drug-resistant bacteria, can be applied to producing beta lactamase gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria.


     Mainly used for fungus poisonous severe infection of e. coli, salmonella and birds. 1, viruses, bacteria, systemic or local infection caused by high temperature high fever, cough, gasping, difficulty breathing, skin and red blue and a purple color around the ears and mouth hoof canker, abortion, stillbirth, circle, posterior paresis, don't eat, can't afford to lay down, constipation and diarrhea, etc. 2, infectious pleurisy, actinobacillus, kill pasteurella, the more the flow field, salmonella, streptococcus mutans, piglets huangbai vice haemophilus, atrophic rhinitis, chlamydia, etc. 3, home storage prenatal postpartum fever, endometritis, mastitis, breast milk syndrome, less laminitis pasteurella rotting hoof inflammation, cattle, sheep, heat transport, pneumonia, nasal contraction, etc.

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