Matters needing attention Zolmitriptan

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-24

1. Zolmitriptan applies only to have clear diagnosis of migraine patients. Attention should be paid to rule out other serious potential neurological diseases.

2. There is no hemiplegia sexual or basal artery migraine patients using this product, not recommended.

3. The symptomatic patients with Parkinson's disease or heart rhythm disorders associated with other heart bypass transmission should not use this product.

4. This kind of compounds (5 ht1d agonist) and coronary artery spasm, therefore, not including ischemic heart disease patients in clinical trials. So these patients do not recommend using this product. Because there may be some not identified patients with coronary artery disease, suggest start using 5 ht1d agonist, so do cardiovascular examination before treatment. Similar to use other 5 - HT1D agonist, after taking with m triptan area before the heart can appear the feeling of atypical angina pectoris; But in clinical trials, this kind of symptom and arrhythmia or ecg display on ischemic change has nothing to do.

5. There is no liver damage is the use of this product clinical or pharmacokinetic experience, is not recommended.

6. No damage to the driving and mechanical manipulation ability, 20 mg, its use in patients with psychomotor test, operating the project did not see obvious damage. Use of this product will not harm patients with driving and mechanical manipulation ability, but still want to consider this product may cause drowsiness.


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