Medical Effects of Colistin Sulfate

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-08-16
Colistin sulfate is a basic polypeptide antibiotics, mainly for the prevention and treatment of susceptible infections and promote animal growth. Colistin sulfate could phosphate binding to the cell membrane lipoprotein free, so that the membrane surface tension is reduced, increased permeability, resulting in the outflow of cytoplasm, cell death. Colistin sulfate Gram-negative bacteria have a strong inhibitory effect on gram-positive bacteria \ and fungi had no effect. Colistin sulfate oral difficult to absorb, less toxic, easy to cause drug residues, easy to produce drug resistance.

colistin belongs polymyxins antibiotics, so the antibacterial mechanism of action is similar to polymyxin B, first bi adsorption of bacterial cells, combined with the cell membrane lipoprotein free phosphate, the cell components (purine and pyrimidine) escaping, thus cell death, it has a bactericidal effect , the minimum inhibitory concentration of 0.2 to 80 units per liter.

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