Medical Function of Cholic Acid

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-07-26

Cholic Acid is synthesized by the liver, with the bile into the duodenum, as one part of the digestive juices, can promote digestion and absorption of lipids. When the pyloric dysfunction, stomach acid would be counter-flow, together with gastric acid caused damage to the gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain and other symptoms, so the acid is one of the gastric mucosal injury caused by chemical factors. Commonly used in clinical Hydrotalcid addition to neutralize stomach acid, but also with the acid combined with the current, thereby reducing damage to the gastric mucosa, it is conducive to the elimination of inflammation and ulcer healing.


It is the content of the four major bile acid in humans is the most abundant, it is derived from glycine acid and taurocholic acid are major human bile acids. Secreted by the liver into the bile of bile salts (bile acid sodium salt) is a powerful emulsifier. After the bile flow through the upper small intestine, bile salts emulsify fats, which help digestion and absorption. After the emulsified fat droplets of fatty acids and glycerol are absorbed a lower portion of the small intestine, bile salts are reabsorbed. They return to the liver and re-used, so the bile salts in total circulation between the liver and small intestine. Bile salts not only fat, but also particularly important for the absorption of all fat-soluble nutrients. When suffering from certain diseases or secretion of bile salt formation, undigested and unabsorbed fat will appear in the stool.


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