Method of Use ----CMC

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-13



The CMC is directly mixed with water and make into paste adhesive solution, and set aside. When in the configuration CMC paste adhesive, at first with mixing plant ingredients in cylinder to join a certain amount of clean water, in the open under the condition of stirring device, the CMC slowly and evenly to the ingredients in cylinder, stir constantly, make the CMC and water total integration, CMC can fully melted. Uniform melting in CMC, to release, and continuously stirring, purpose is "to prevent the CMC with water meet, cluster, agglomerate, to reduce the amount of CMC solution problem", and improve the dissolution rate of CMC. Mixing time and CMC completely melt time don't agree with each other, are two concepts, in general, mixing time to much shorter than the time needed for CMC completely melted, the time needed for both depending on the specific situation.


Determine the mixing time was based on: when the CMC is evenly dispersed in water, no obvious big crumb objects exist, can stop stirring, CMC and water in the quiet place in a state of mutual penetration and mutual fusion.


To determine the basis of CMC time needed for a complete meltdown have such several aspects:

(1) CMC and water glue, completely does not exist between solid-liquid separation phenomenon;

(2) the state of mixed paste glue is uniform, the surface level off is smooth.

(3) the mixed paste glue close to colorless, transparent color, paste adhesive no granular objects. From CMC into ingredients cylinder are mixed with water, to the CMC completely dissolved, the time required between 10 to 20 hours.


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