Method of use----Cartap

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-06-01

Because the integrity and product quality assurance without worries behind, costumers can develop their own markets and keep the company growing. So, if there are any customers are looking for Chinese suppliers like us, please be sure to contact us, we are looking forward to your consultation. We also the Acyclovir China API supplier. Now I would like to introduce you something about Cartap.

1. Rice pest prevention and control The moth, three moth with 50% soluble powder 75-100 - g per acre, 40 to 50 kg of water spray. Longitudinal leaf rice moth, rice shell pest with 50% soluble powder 100-150g per acre, 50 to 60 kg of water spray.

2. Vegetable pests prevention and control Diamondback moth, caterpillar with 50% soluble powder 25 to 50 g per acre, 50 to 60 kg to water spray.

3. Tea tree pest control With 50% soluble powder 1000-2000 times liquid evenly spray.

4. Sugarcane pest prevention and control With 50% soluble powder 100-125g per acre, 50 kg of water spray, or 300 kg washing sugarcane seedling to water.

5. And the fruit tree pest control With 50% soluble powder 1000 times liquid evenly spray.

6. Crop pest prevention and control Corn borer with 50% soluble powder per 100 g, 100 kg of water spray, or even in corn. Mole cricket with 50% soluble powder mixed with wheat gluten (1:50) poison bait made use of.