Method of use ---- Ethyl maltol

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-27

Ethyl maltol is a safe, non-toxic, wide use, good effect, less dosage of ideal food additive, tobacco, food, drinks, essence, fruit wine, daily cosmetics, etc. The fragrance of good synergistic agent, the significant effect on the improvement and enhancement the aroma of food plays a sweetener for sweets, and can prolong the shelf life of food.


Ethyl maltol as synergist of sweet taste, less dosage, but the effect is significant. Generally the amount of added at about 0.01 to 0.05 ‰, sometimes only a few parts per million (PPM) is effective.


    Ethyl maltol easily generated and iron complex, after contact with iron will gradually change from white to red. Therefore, storage container, avoid the use of iron in the solution also shoulds not be long time contact with iron, appropriate stored in glass or plastic container.


     White crystalline powder, the product possesses unique burnt gas, dilute solution with fruit like coke sweet fragrance. 1 g of this product is soluble in about 55 ml water 17 ml, 10 ml of ethanol, propylene glycol or 5 ml of chloroform. At about 90 ℃ can be melted. Quality standard: the implementation of the People's Republic of China national standard GB12487-2004, accord with the food chemicals codex FCC IV.



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