Multiple Functions of Potassium Iodide

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-06-22

Potassium Iodide, cubic crystal or white powder. In moist air slightly hygroscopic, long home to precipitate free iodine and becomes yellow, and can form a trace iodate. Light and humidity can accelerate decomposition. 1g dissolved in 0.7ml water, 0.5ml boiling water, 22ml ethanol, 8ml boiling ethanol, ethanol 51ml, 8ml of methanol, 7.5 ml of acetone, 2ml glycerol, ethylene glycol about 2.5ml. Their solution was neutral or slightly alkaline, can be dissolved iodine. Its solution will be oxidized gradient yellow, plus a small amount of alkali prevented. The relative density of 3.12. Melting point 680 . Boiling point of 1330 . Approximate lethal dose (rat, intravenously) 285mg / kg. Widely used in the preparation of volumetric analysis iodometric titration method. Haploid breeding formulated Burley Fernandez, modified Wright, MS and RM and other media. Stool inspection. Photography. Pharmaceuticals.


It can be used to make organic compounds and chemical reagents. Which is also as a Pharmaceutical Raw Material. We eat the so-called iodized salt is potassium iodide or potassium iodate (by 1/20000 ratio) in ordinary table salt (pure NaCl). Potassium iodide in the field of dermatology has some special purpose. Its mechanism of action is partly due to enhanced dissolution and digestion of necrotic tissue. KI have antifungal activity. Clinical use it to treat Sporotrichosis, colored blastomycosis, persistent erythema nodosum and nodular vasculitis. Also note that the use of potassium iodide to its side effects, it can cause pustules, blisters, erythema, eczema, urticaria, also can aggravate acne, of course, can cause gastrointestinal reactions and mucosal symptoms. In medicine for the prevention and treatment of endemic goiter, and promote the absorption of vitreous opacity and expectorant. Iodide and potassium iodide is the raw material for preparing the dye. As a photosensitive emulsifiers, food additives, iodine and some insoluble metal iodide cosolvent. Also it is used as analytical reagents, chromatography analysis and a little pain.


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