National compound sample library to help reduce the time of new drug research and development

  • Author:Jane
  • Source:中国医药报
  • Release on :2017-07-06

From the 500,000 compound samples received by Danish companies to today's more than 2.2 million compound samples, the National Compound Samples have been in use for 10 years and have grown to be the largest compound in Asia's largest public compound sample library Platform, greatly reducing the time of China's new drug research and development.

On the morning of June 28th, the Shanghai National Compound Center held a media open day. Wang Mingwei, director of the National New Drug Screening Center and director of the National Compound Sample Park, and Zhang Kezhou, vice president of Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., told reporters 10 years ago, Novo Nordisk, Denmark, donated 500,000 compounds to our country. On the national new drug screening center of the original more than 10 million small molecule compounds, the national compound sample library officially built. After 10 years of development, the national compound sample library has more than 2.2 million compound reserves.

Wang Mingwei introduction, the compound is the starting point and source of innovative drug research, the construction of large-scale compound sample library is an important material basis for the creation of new drugs in China. Researchers in hundreds of thousands of compounds in the high-throughput screening, in order to find a drug efficacy of the active compounds, and through animal experiments, clinical trials and other stages, the final development of new drugs. And the probability of high-throughput screening of 0.5% or less, so the more compounds available for screening, found that the active compounds and then the possibility of developing new drugs is greater. To this end, China will build a national compound sample library included in the national science and technology major projects. These compounds are stored in the sample form in powder form. Researchers in the drug development process if the discovery of the target, or the establishment of a model, you can apply to the national compound sample library, according to the theory proposed by the compound screening The In addition, researchers can also in the national compound sample library network platform to find information to achieve resource sharing.

National compound sample library as a large foundation of scientific research facilities, based on Zhangjiang, serve the country, facing the world, and actively promote China's pharmaceutical industry innovation drive and transformation and development. In 2016, the national compound sample library researchers use their own samples to complete high-throughput screening 2.989 million times; as a resource platform, the national compound sample library has 60 scientific research units for the country to provide technical advisory services (including admission screening) , To 83 study groups to provide 18.37 million samples of the sample; open chemical structure of 127.1 million, can be completed online "compound structure query" "compound structure check" "screening model query" "screening service application" and "compound screening Application "and other functions, at home and abroad engaged in innovative research and development of drug research institutes, institutions of higher learning and pharmaceutical companies, to provide sample resources, active screening and technical support, such as full-service.