New Drugs for Alcohol Abstinence

  • Author:YAOZHI
  • Release on :2017-03-23

A few days ago, French researchers have confirmed that a
drug that has become baclofen can magically and efficiently relieve and cure alcohol abuse in alcoholics. After determining the potency of this drug for alcoholism, these scientists and their entrepreneurial friends decided to put the drug into the market as soon as possible.

Researchers published their findings in an academic conference with Paris, France. After a year of study and observation, the researchers found that high-dose baclofen treatment has an encouraging positive effect on reducing alcohol intake.

The drug developer, who collaborated with the researchers, published the drug test called Bacloville. During the year from May 2012 to June 2013, the researchers tracked and investigated 320 over 18 to 65-year-old alcoholics.

The trial compared the safety and efficacy of the participants given the high dose of the drug and given the participant "fake" placebo pill. The trial participants and their observers did not know who had received the pills. At the same time, the participants in the experiment were not asked to stop drinking.

The results of the trial showed that 57% of the participants who received baclofen were quit drinking alcohol after one year of treatment. By contrast, only 37% of people in the placebo group completed the day of drinking.

After that, the researchers conducted another drug test called Alpadir, the relevant experimental results once again confirmed that the final completion of drug treatment and alcohol abstraction can not be ignored correlation.

At that time, the French Health Authority on the use of baclofen treatment of alcohol for a temporary approval permission. Baclofen, the first widely used drug for the treatment of muscle spasms, became a cure for alcoholism in 2014.

As early as 2008, heart disease expert Olivier Amesen (OlivierAmeisen) had published a book called "LeDernierVerre" (TheLastDrink) book, he claimed that the use of high-dose baclofen treatment of alcoholism, and sometimes cause the community sensation.

Subsequent trials have found that high doses of drugs lead to a large number of heavy drinkers abandoning or reducing their intake of alcohol.

However, last year, Dutch researchers found in a different study that the efficacy of the drug may be lower than expected. Dutch researchers warned that there was no evidence of efficacy as well as high doses of baclofen use that could be irresponsible.

And recently, the drug development laboratory Ethpharm researchers said they will be formally submitted at the end of the application, the commercialization of baclofen and for the treatment of alcoholism.

According to the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) report, about 3.3 million people worldwide die each year from alcoholism, accounting for almost 6% of all deaths. The use of baclofen, a former muscle spasm, into a cure for alcoholism, will be an invaluable benefit for millions of alcoholics and alcoholic families around the world.