Nutritional Analysis of Potato Starch

  • Author:Kathy
  • Release on :2016-05-27

1. Corn is the world recognized as the "golden crop", its fat, phosphorus, vitamin B2 content among the top of the grains.


2. Corn flour contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, can reduce cholesterol levels in the human body, thereby reducing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.


3. More corn flour contains calcium, iron, can prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease.


4. Modern medical research showed that the corn flour is rich in glutathione, it is a kind of protective factors, in the human body internal energy combined with a variety of foreign chemical carcinogens, lose its toxicity, and then through the digestive tract. The coarse grinding of corn flour contains a lot of lysine, inhibits tumor growth.


5. Corn also contains trace element selenium, selenium can accelerate the body oxide decomposition, inhibit malignant tumor.


6. Corn, rich in dietary fiber can promote the intestinal peristalsis, shorten the time of food through the digestive tract, reduce the absorption of toxic substances and carcinogens epicuticular colon stimulation, thus can reduce the occurrence of colon cancer.


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