Pay AttentionTo Pentanol Leaks!

  • Author:Hubei Ocean Biotech Co,.LTd
  • Release on :2016-08-09

Pay AttentionTo Pentanol Leaks!
A leakage contingency 
Rapid withdrawal from air leakage personnel to a safe area, and isolation and strict restrictions on access. Cut off the fire source. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-contained breathing apparatus, wearing fire protective clothing. Possible cut off the source of leakage. Preventing access to sewers, flood discharge trench so restrictive space. A small leak: sand or other noncombustible materials adsorption or absorption. You can also rinse with plenty of water, wash water diluted into the wastewater system. Large leak: to build a causeway or trenching asylum; Foam coverage, lower vapor disasters. Ex pump transferred to tankers or exclusive collector, recycling or shipped to the waste disposal sites. 
Two protective measures 
Respiratory protection: Most do not need special protection, high concentration exposure may wear self-absorption filter respirators (half-mask). 
Eye protection: Wear protective chemical safety glasses. 
Physical protection: wear anti-static overalls. 
Hand protection: Wear rubber gloves. 
Other: no smoking scene work. To maintain good health habits. 
Three, and emergency measures 
Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing, use soap and water thoroughly washed skin. Medical treatment. 
Eye contact: Did eyelid, mobile water or saline. Medical treatment. 
Inhalation: rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Keep the airway open. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stops, artificial respiration immediately. Medical treatment. 
Ingestion: drink enough water to induce vomiting. Medical treatment. 
Fire fighting methods: water cooling containers, if possible to move containers from the scene empty Department. Extinguishing agents: anti-insoluble foam, powder, carbon dioxide, 1211 fire extinguishing agent, sand.

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