Pharmaceutical Action of Allopurinol

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-10-31

Allopurinol mainly in the intermittent and chronic use of gout, for excessive uric acid, uric acid hypersensitivity or ineffective, and should not use uric acid drugs (such as renal insufficiency) of the primary and secondary Gout patients to control hyperuricemia. The drug can also be combined with uric acid drugs to enhance efficacy, especially for severe tophi and renal function is still good patients.


The goods can be in vivo xanthine oxidase catalysis into other xanthine, xanthine and the goods on xanthine oxidase inhibition. Since the xanthine oxidase affinity for xanthine xanthine and hypoxanthine large, so that the xanthine and hypoxanthine can not use the enzyme into uric acid, so that the concentration of uric acid in the blood. The xanthine and hypoxanthine in vivo concentration and urinary excretion increased, because of their solubility than uric acid, it is difficult to precipitate in the urinary tract, easy to kidney clearance. And because the concentration of uric acid in plasma decreased to below its solubility level, which not only avoid the deposition of uric acid stones, but also can help to re-dissolve stones.


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