Pharmaceutical Action of Aminoantipyrine

  • Author:Ray
  • Release on :2016-11-09

Aminoantipyrine derived by catalytic hydrogenation, antipyretic analgesic effect of a strong, slow and lasting anti-inflammatory anti-rheumatic effect and aspirin similar. This product can cause bone marrow suppression and the formation of nitrosamines carcinogens, so single-agent has been eliminated. Clinically used is the compound preparation. But can cause neutropenia.


Aminopyrine can inhibit the synthesis and release of prostaglandin in the hypothalamus, the recovery of body temperature regulation of central sensory neurons of the reaction of the role of fever; also by the inhibition of acetanilide antipyretic analgesics. Through the inhibition of cyclooxygenase, selective inhibition of hypothalamic thermoregulation central prostaglandin synthesis, leading to peripheral vasodilation, sweating to achieve antipyretic effect, the antipyretic effect and aspirin similar strength; by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis And release, increase the pain threshold and play analgesic effect, is a peripheral analgesic effect than aspirin weak, only mild to moderate pain effective.


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