Pharmaceutical Action of Tiopronin

  • Author:Raw Dean
  • Release on :2016-11-29

Tiopronin is a new glycine derivative with free sulfhydryl group. It has detoxification effect, protect liver tissue and cells, and has obvious repairing effect on alcoholic liver injury and improve liver function. It can be used for viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis, heavy metal toxic hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis early; reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, increase white blood cells and accelerate the recovery of liver cells and reduce bone marrow chromosomal aberrations Rate and the occurrence of skin ulcers, and to prevent radiotherapy secondary to the occurrence of tumors; for senile early cataract and vitreous opacity have a significant therapeutic effect; prevention and treatment of urinary cystine stones; have anti-inflammatory anti-allergic effects, Dermatitis, eczema, acne and urticaria have a good effect.



Thiopronin is a penicillamine-like nature with similar mercapto-containing drugs, with the protection of liver tissue and cells. Animal experiments show that tiopronin can provide sulfhydryl, to prevent carbon tetrachloride, ethionine, acetaminophen and other liver damage caused by chronic liver injury and the accumulation of triglycerides have an inhibitory effect. Tiopronin can make liver cell mitochondrial ATPase activity decreased, thereby protecting the liver mitochondrial structure, improve liver function. In addition, tiopronin can also be through the mercapto and free radical reversible binding, free radical scavenging.


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