Pharmaceutical Applcation of Acitretin

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-10-17

Acitretin, prescription capsules, attending severe psoriasis and keratinosis can cause damage to psoriasis patients scales, erythema and thickness reduction, histology showed normal epidermal differentiation, cuticle thickness reduction, epidermal and Dermal inflammation subsided.


Sexually active women of childbearing age who use acitretin should also use at least 2 forms of Birth control concurrently. Men and women who use it should not donate blood for 3 years after using it, because of the possibility that the blood might be used in a pregnant patient and cause birth defects. In addition, it may cause nausea, Itching, dry, red or flaky skin, dry or red eyes, dry or chapped lips, swollen lips, dry mouth, thirst, cystitis acne or hair loss.


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