Pharmaceutical Application of Avermectin

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-10-24

Avermectin on the mites and insects with stomach poisoning and contact effect, can not kill eggs. The mechanism of action is different from the general pesticides interfere with physiological activity, stimulate the release of γ-aminobutyric acid, and aminobutyric acid on arthropods in the nerve conduction inhibition. Mites adults, nymphs and insect larvae and avermectin after contact with paralytic symptoms, inactivity, not feeding, 2 to 4 days after death. Because it does not cause rapid dehydration of insects, so the role of avermectin lethal slower. Avermectin on predatory insects and parasitic natural enemies, although the direct contact with the role, but the plant surface residue, so little damage to beneficial insects. Abamectin in the soil by soil adsorption does not move, and microbial decomposition, and thus no accumulation in the environment, can be used as an integral part of integrated control. Preparation is easy, the preparation into the water can be used with a little stirring, the crop is also safer.


Abamectin is used to control insect and mite pests of a range of agronomic, fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops, and it is used by homeowners for control of fire ants. Abamectin is also used as a veterinary antihelmintic. Resistance to abamectin-based antihelmintics, Although a growing problem, is not as common as to other classes of veterinary antihelmintics. The benzoate salt emamectin benzoate is also used as an insecticide.


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