Pharmacological Action of Aniracetam

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-06-02

Aniracetam has a strong promote memory function. Animal experiments confirmed that the goods on cholinergic antagonists damage, cerebral ischemia, electric convulsive shock mode functions like memory and learning have therapeutic effect; the human findings in healthy volunteers showed that hypoxic hypoxia disease caused EEG changes after taking the drug to alleviate; in addition, the ability to identify the goods on the damage reports caused by scopolamine is also effective. Pharmacological effects of this product mainly through the regulation of glutamate receptor channel realization. In addition, to promote the release of acetylcholine in the hippocampus, and enhance cholinergic transmission.


Pharmacokinetics motivation: the oral absorption completely, rapid onset of action, low toxicity. Significant first-pass effect, only 0.2% after oral administration to enter the systemic circulation. Plasma protein binding rate of about 66%, plasma clearance half-life of 35min; 84% from the urine, faeces by 0.8%, with another 11% in the form of CO2 exhaled. Cerebrovascular disease sequelae can be used for mental and behavioral disorders, the ability to improve the lives of memory reproduction.


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