Pharmacological Effects of Ciclopirox

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-07-26

Ciclopirox is a broad-spectrum antifungal agents, can cause a fungal infection of pathogenic fungi kill. Human and animal pharmacokinetic studies showed that ciclopirox is rapidly absorbed orally, in various forms (mostly prototype or glucuronide conjugates) via feces and urine completely eliminated. Healthy subjects, oral 10 mg radiolabeled ciclopirox, about 96% of the drug within 12 hours excreted by the kidneys, 94% of the glucuronide conjugates.


Ciclopirox outside the three ketone bodies caused by the test results show, Ames Salmonella and E.coli gene mutation test was negative; in with or without metabolic activation agent, V79 Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts chromosome aberration test positive; V79 Chinese hamster lung fibroblast cell HGPRT analysis of gene mutation test negative; outside human A549 cell DNA synthesis test was negative; BALB / c3T3 cell transcriptional analysis negative. Chinese hamster bone marrow cytogenetic analysis: 3000 mg / kg ciclopirox did not cause chromosomal aberrations.


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