Pharmacological Effects of Citicoline Sodium

  • Author:Ray Dean
  • Release on :2016-08-03

Citicoline sodium could reduce the cerebral vascular resistance, increase cerebral blood flow to promote brain metabolism, improve brain circulation. May also enhance the brainstem ascending reticular activating system function, enhance the function of the vertebral body system, improve motor paralysis, it is to promote the recovery of brain function and have a role in facilitating awakening. After injection of citicoline sodium injection into the blood quickly, in part through the blood-brain barrier into the brain tissue, part of choline in vivo methylation to be a good donor, a variety of compounds have turn methylation, about 1 percent of choline from the urine.


After citicoline sodium injection plasma concentration decreased rapidly, 1/3, 1-2 hours down to 30 minutes basically stable during injection, the distribution to the liver up to 10 per cent, most within two hours row in human urine, the product harder to pass the blood brain barrier into the brain very few drugs, accounting for only 0.1%, but the drug stays in the brain for a long time, 3 hours after injection the peak concentration of the drug, and in 24 hours inside remains unchanged, and brain damage than normal brain damaged hemisphere than the undamaged hemisphere of citicoline were significantly increased.


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